Monday, October 13, 2008

Handsomest dog on the blog

This is a site for those who love their doggies.
Here you will see pictures of Monty and Daisy-Mae, for starters, anyway.

For now, I am running a poll to find out just who is the most handsome of Daisy and Monty.

This is Daisy-Mae, daddy's girl.

Will you look at the hair on that schnozz.

She is just the smoochiest girl.

Below: This is Monty on the left, and Daisy-Mae on the right, all snuggled up in bed
. Sorry about the picture quality, but it was taken from a mobile phone.
Below: Monty has just had a haircut, so is looking very sleek as he sits in his pizza box.
We all love pizza, and it is shared around.

Below: Here are Daisy and Monty in the car with their dad, doin' stuff, going places.

More soon
Si the Dog Blogger

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