Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Special Guest Appearance by Jose

Today we have a guest appearance from Jose.

This handsome fella' lives in Queensland, Australia.
He was rescued from the Lost Dogs Home at Tweed Heads and now lives a happy life with my father-in-law in Tugun.

Check out the eyes.
Poor Jose is half Chihuahua and half Fox Terrier, and has one eye of each.
When we rescued him, the poor fella' had a big scar down his back.
The running joke was that he was bits of two separate dogs, grafted together.

It turns out that the scar, about 1cm wide and 7 or 8cm long, was probably caused by shampoo for humans. Shampoo poured down his back at every wash, scarred his skin. Poor chicken.

One day soon we also hope to have a guest appearance from a few feral cats from Alice Springs.

The excitement is too much. Do stand by for more.

Si the dogblogger
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