Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Special Guest Appearances - Ralph, Phil

Tonight I have two more Guest Appearances. Firstly we have this little Scaramouch.
I was walking up Queens Parade when this little hound popped up out of a shopping trolley to give me a right scolding. What a darling.

Next all the way from Romania, we have Danut's lovely doggo, Ralph. Now that's right across the other side of the world from Fitzroy, Australia, but the internet makes such friendships easy.

What a gorgeous boy. Ralph is a six year old Cocker Spaniel, and can be quiet naughty sometimes.

That's all tonight. Just a quick post. Goodnight.
Ooh no, just found this one too. There's Phil and Monty.
We sit in that park quiet often, enjoying the sun and a beer.

Si the Blogger of Dogs
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