Sunday, November 9, 2008


My two terriers love the water (but hate a bath).
If we go out after the rain, they will wade through every puddle they can find.

Here is Monty splashing about.

"Hey Dad, I'm just cooling my toes"

If we head down to the Merri Creek, they'll be straight into the water.
Here is Monty exploring. The Mighty Hunter.

Soon Daisy comes to join him. Everywhere Monty goes, Daisy follows.

If the ducks or geese are about, it's even better.
Monty and Daisy will run up and own, barking themselves silly.
But the ducks pay them no attention. They have seen it all before.

Once more it is time to head home for a W.A.S.H.
I'm not having stinky dogs in the house, and believe me, they smell after being down at the creek.

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