Monday, December 15, 2008

Bob and Dolly

Bob and Dolly are regular members, down at The Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy.
Here they are with Monty, who is on the right.

They are a couple of very old Jack Russells.

We always stop for a chat and a sniff. There's Daisy on the front left.

Then we wander along.

Si, the DogBlogger

Joshua in his pram.

We met Joshua in the park yesterday.

"Sniff" "Who are you? What do you want?"
The poor thing is too old to walk very far.

His mum takes him to the park in his very own perambulator.

Then he can jump out and have a walk if he wants.

The other dogs love to jump in, if they can.

Si the DogBlogger.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Special Guest. Courtney.

We have another guest today.
Here's Courtney. She lives with Catherine in the UK.

This is her as a puppy. She's just adorable in her Christmas hat.
Here's a photo you could put on your Christmas cards.

Here is Courtney when she was a young puppy, sitting with Catherine.

This is Courtney now, just relaxing.

Here they are at the park, with nephew Jamie too.

Thanks for the pictures of Courtney, Catherine.
We always like to have guests over to visit.

Si, the DogBlogger

Friday, December 12, 2008


I came home with some steak the other night, leftover from a party.
Luck Monty. Lucky Daisy.
Here we are, sitting in the sun.

Some for Monty

Some for Daisy

Some for Monty

Some for Daisy.

Thanks Josh, thanks Georgia, thanks Grace.
We love you for bringing us steak.

Mmmmmmmmm, there's still a little bit left.

Si the DogBlogger

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Vet Wash. Part three.

Well, the B.A.T.H. is almost over.
My doggies are clean and not stinky any more.
Shake, shake, shake ...

Monty, come here. I will dry you.

Shake, shake, shake ...

Hooray, we're free. Time to roll in the towels and have Dad dry us.
We like being dried in the towel. Rub, rub, rub.

Clean, fluffy, almost dry.
Monty is NOT happy.
Daisy is happy that it is all over !

Now let's walk home through the park and roll in everything. Hooray.

Si the DogBlogger

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Vet Wash. Part two

Here we go with WASH part two.
Ok, the torture begins. Let's wash

Wash cycle first...

"Dad, you put soap in my eyes"

Then the rinse cycle ...

"Are we almost finished, Dad ? I don't like this."

Two clean doggies now.
Standby for part three.

Si the DogBlogger

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Vet Wash. Part one

I dragged my doggies to the Fitzroy Vet Hydro Bath.

They where both stinking and much in need of a bath.
"No way, Dad. I know what's in there."

"There is now way you are dragging me in there."

"No Dad, don't do it."

Sorry kiddies, the torture is about to begin

In the tub we go.
One last desperate bid for freedom...

Uh Uh. No way Daisy-Mae. It's WASH time.

Si the DogWasher

At The Vet. Kittens

Monty is old and needs an arthritis jab every month.
A shot of Pentosan keeps him up and running.
Here we are at the Fitzroy Vet.

Poor Daisy is tied up while Monty goes for his needle.

"I'll just wait here"

Monty is far more interested in the kittens waiting for adoption.

"Now how do I get in there ?"

Si The DogBlogger

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ruby, show us your teeth.

We ran into Ruby on our walk today in the Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy.

Ruby is a gorgeous little thing.

She is happy and bouncy.
She is hard to take a photo of because she jumps around.

Her mum and I were discussing diet and bones and healthy teeth.

Ruby, show us your teeth. Lovely teeth.

Si the DogBlogger

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three Hounds

Here are a few old photos of Monty and Daisy and Jose.

That's Daisy at the front, Monty at the back, Jose to the right.

Jose if my father in law's dog.

Jose came to visit and brought Papa with him.

It was VERY noisy on our house.
Three hounds running around all day and all night.

Three hounds, three times the love, three times the noise.

Si the DogBlogger

Monday, December 1, 2008


Mont and Daisy love cheese.
In fact we all love cheese.

"Dad, can we have some cheese too please ?"

Dad is kind, and shares his cheese with everyone.
Some for Daisy.

Do you want some cheeeeese ?

Monty, do you want some cheeeeeese ?

Daisy, your turn.

Monty, your turn.

"Thanks, Dad. We love cheese."

Si the Dogblogger