Friday, January 30, 2009

Australia Day at The Merri Creek. Part 4

This is the last installment of our trip to The Merri Creek.

We found all sorts of things on this trip.
We found a possum up a tree.

But we can't catch the possum, and the possum is asleep.
"Bark, bark, bark"
"Boring. Let's go chase the ducks."

"There's the ducks."

"Can you get the ducks ?"
"No. Well can YOU get the ducks."

"They're out too far"
"Dad, we can't catch the ducks"

"Well let's just paddle our toes then."

Then everybody back in the car and let's go home.

Si the DogBlogger

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Australia Day at The Merri Creek. Part 3

Here is the next installment of our trip to The Merri Creek.
Monty and Daisy have just been paddling in the creek.

"Mont, let's go roll in the dust. Come on."

"Wow, this is fun"

"Hmmm, not for me, I'm going up here"

"OK, well I'm staying here and rolling in the dust"

"Hmm, hmm. It feels so good."

"Hey, where's Monty?"

"Oops, there he is. Hey, wait for me"

Si the DogBlogger

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day at The Merri Creek. Part 2

It was a very hot day on Australia Day. Very hot.
We all went down to The Merri Creek.
Monty and Daisy ran straight down to say hello to the ducks.

There's Monty, heading off to explore.

Wherever Monty goes, Daisy has to follow.

"Mont'.... wait for me."

The ducks come to watch. They are not afraid.
Monty paddles out to say hello.

The ducks just swim about, curious.

Si, the DogBlogger.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day at The Merri Creek. Part 1

It's Australia Day today, and it's hot.

So we all jumped in the car and went to The Creek.

Here's Monty heading down the path to the Merri Creek.

When we arrive, we jump straight in and cool our toes.

Daisy likes to paddle as high as her tummy.

She is watching the ducks, who are not afraid of her.

But I think she is afraid of the ducks.
This is the view from the rock where I sit.

Here is Monty The Hunter. Chasing lizards in the grass.

Now I have two stinky dogs under my feet. Ick.

Si the DogBlogger

Monday, January 26, 2009

My View. Two backsides.

This is my view.

This is all I see most of the time.

Two little backsides, trotting along.

Heading to The Park.

Checking out stuff at The Park.

Heading back home for "Hot Dinner in My Bowl".

That's all I ever see. Two little backsides.

Si the DogBlogger.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puddles Edition Three.

We love puddles. Especially on hot days.

There is an underground watering system for the trees in the Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy.

There is a drought in Melbourne, so the trees get a bit of water to keep them alive.

It seeps up through the ground an makes these wonderful puddles.

Puddles, made just for us. Hooray.

It cools our toes.

Si the DogBlogger.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor fellow wanting pizza.

I went for pizza at Bella Napoli, up on Queens Parade, Clifton Hill.
When I came out and was confronted by this poor fellow.
He was a beautiful boy.
He'd just been washed and was all soft and fluffy.

He was very young and very keen and very hungry.

I gave him a little piece of bacon and a little piece of crust.
Poor thing.

Si the DogFeeder

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ready for Walkies.

We go out for a walk every day.

Monty and Daisy wait for the magic word "Walkies".
Then we go crazy - jumping around and running in circles.
Dad puts our harnesses on and we race for the door.

"C'mon Dad, we're ready."

"Daddddd, hurry up."

Si The DogBlogger

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cavallini Artisan Bakery

We go up to Cavallini Artisan Bakery for our weekend walks.
Robert and Natalie are lovely people, and the staff are all very nice.

The breads and pastries are divine. Simply the best.
Monty and Daisy always get a little plate of home-made dog biscuits.
"Monty, here's biscuits for you"

"Daisy, here's biscuits for you too"

"One for Monty"

"One for Daisy"

Oh, and coffee and cake for me.

Si the DogBlogger

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crossing the road.

Monty and Daisy are not very well trained.
But they are very well behaved.
When we come to a road, they will stop if I say "Wait".

Here we are up on Queens Parade, going to Zac's to buy treats.


"Wait, Monty!"

"Ok, let's go!"

And off we go. Straight to Zac's to see Kate for treats.

Si the DogBlogger