Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hot Dinner for Monty and Daisy part three.

Monty has finished his Hot Dinner now. Rice all over the floor.

So has Daisy.

"You got any left ?"

"Shoo. Go away."
"But I've finished mine and I'm still hungry..."
"You're just a pig. Shoo."

"But I'm still hungry !"
"You're always hungry."
Of course it's not long before they are checking each others bowl for more.
Daisy is now at Monty's bowl.

... and Monty is at Daisy's bowl.

"Sigh, nothing left."
"Maybe Dad will give us a Snack later."

Si the DogBlogger

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Kelli said...

Hello Monty & Daisy!
I’m Tibby! Welcome to Dogs with Blogs! I’m sure you’ll make a ton of great friends! It looks like you had a wonderful hot dinner! Makes me hungry!
:) Tibby