Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monty and Daisy and Labor Day continued.

This is that last episode of our Labor Day adventure in The Park.

"Dad. We're thirsty now after all those sausages."
No problems kiddies. Let's buy a beer.
"Dad, we don't want beer."

"Daddddddddd. We want a drink."
Over here then.
"That's better."

"There's the band. They're not too bad."

"Bit noisy but."
"Can we go somewhere quieter ?"

"Hello lads. Minding the babies are we ?!"
"Hello Monty. Hello Daisy. Yeah, gotta mind the kids."
"Did you fella's get a sausage"
"Yeah lots."
"Us too. Dad bought us a sausage each."

"See ya."
"See ya."
"Let's go this way Dad. It's quiet over here."

"No problems Daisy. Let's go."
"Thanks Dad. That was fun."
"Yeah thanks Dad. We like sausages."

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