Friday, March 20, 2009

Monty and Daisy at Labor Day part 2.

This is the continuation of our Labor Day adventure in The Park.
Monty and Daisy are hunting for sausages.

"Any sausages Monty ?"

"Find any sausages Daisy ?"

"Hi there Monty." "Hello Monty."
"Hello lads. Have they fed you any sausages yet ?"
"Oh yes. Lots. The barbecue is down there."

"Hello lads"
"Hey there Monty. Hello Daisy."
"Any food about ?"
"The barbecue is over that way."
"See ya."
"See ya."

"Cool. We've found the barbecue and someone has dropped a sausage."

"Dad. Monty ate the sausage. Will you buy me a sausage ?"
"Ok Daisy. I'll buy you a sausage."
To be continued...

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