Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poor Monty has a sore foot.

Poor Monty got a seed stuck in his foot and it swelled up and went red.
We had to go the The Fitzroy Vet to put a poultice on it.
Here we are going back to check his poor toes. Poor Monty.

Are you two ready ?
"Yes Dad."
"Yes Dad."

Monty, how's your foot ?
"It's alright Dad."
"Dad, can we go for bacon after ?"
Yes Daisy. We'll have snacks at 'Loafer Bread' after the vet.

OK, we're there. Are you ready for the vet ?
"Dad, what if they poke my sore foot again ? It hurt last time."
I'll protect you Monty. Let's go see Simmone and Anu. They're nice.
"Dad, I'm scared. It hurt last time."

But Monty was a brave boy again and he didn't cry.
Monty's foot was a bit better and he got a new bandage. Poor Monty.

Poor Monty. He's a brave boy.

Si the DogBlogger.

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