Friday, April 24, 2009

The Police Helicopter part three.

We have been sitting in The Grandstand, watching the Police Helicopter down on the oval.
It's time to go and walk some more. Come on you two.

Come on Daisy. Hurry up.
"Coming Dad. Wait for me."

These two never go anywhere quickly. They have to check out everything.
"Sniff sniff."
"Sniff sniff."

There's the Police Helicopter again. Cool.

There goes Monty, racing down the stairs like a champion.

"Dad, will you carry me ? I'm scared !"

No way Daisy, you big lump. Get moving.
"But Dad, it's scary."

Daisy, down you go. Hurry up.
"But Dad......"
To be continued...

Si the DogBlogger

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