Monday, April 20, 2009

Special dedication to the Fitzroy Vet staff.

We would like to make a special dedication of thanks to the girls at Fitzroy Vet Hospital.
They have been very good to Monty and Daisy.

Here's Anu, who helped fix poor Monty's toes.
Thanks Anu. Monty's toe is all healed up.

This is Karen who repaired Monty's knee.
Thanks Karen. Monty can walk again.

This is lovely Caroline. Monty and Daisy like Caroline.
Caroline helped fix Monty's ear, and toe, and other ear, and lumps, and other toe ....

This is Simmone. Simmone had been an angel too. She feeds us treats.
Thanks for looking after us.

Monty and Daisy send a big "Thank You" to all the girls at Fitzroy Vet.

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