Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monty and the grass seed again ! Part one.

Poor Monty had a grass seed stuck in his foot.
I thought it had all come out but it flared up again.
I had to take the poor boy back to the Fitzroy Vet to have it checked out.

The lovely Jess cut out the grass seed, checked his heart, and took a little cyst off his eyelid.
Here we are on the way back from the vet. Poor Monty is still very dopey from the operation.

He has a shaved eye, shaved patches here and there, and his foot in a bandage.

Poor Monty.
He has a plastic bag over his foot so that the bandage doesn't get wet.

Monty, show me your eye. You poor thing.

Poor Monty. Still, it looks a lot better.

Thanks to Jess and all the staff at the Fitzroy Vet for looking after poor Monty.
To be continued...

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