Saturday, June 6, 2009

Special Guest - Bonny at Sherry's party.

We went to Sherry's birthday party. Ron and Deb and Bonny where there.
Bonny has just been rescued and has found a happy home.

There's Daisy disappearing into the kitchen to check for crumbs. Hello Bonny.
"Hello yourself."

Isn't she beautiful in her new coat. Lovely Bonny.

"Thanks. I love my new coat. It's a cold day and it keeps me toasty."

"Um, but I am a bit hungry...."

Shortly after, I find Monty and Bonny looking for crumbs in the kitchen.

"There's too many feet here. I think I will hide under this chair for a bit."

"Sigh, I'm tired now. I think I will hide under the table."

"Yawn. Time for my nap."

Cheerio for now.
Hello to Ron and Deb and Bonny from all of us at the DogBlog.

Si the DogBlogger

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