Monday, July 6, 2009

Dasiy sneaks up to bed on Afternoon Shifts.

When I'm on afternoon shifts, Daisy sneaks up the stairs for a cuddle in the mornings.
"Hello Dad."

Good morning my little treasure.

"Do you love me Dad ?"
Maybe if you weren't so stinky.

"Kiss my nose Dad."

Ack, no way. Now lie still will I sleep a bit more.

"Ok Dad. I will lie here and snuggle up."

Comfy, Daisy ?
"Yes Dad."

"It's all snug and warm here."

Great. Just what I need. Stinky dogs in the bed.
That's all for today. Bye bye for now.
Si, the DogBlogger

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Emma MacLeod said...

Hi Aunty Laura & Uncle Si,
Hi its emma macleod i love the lake one did you get my e-mails i sent to and i love all your others the photos are so cute i love them all love emma