Monday, September 21, 2009

Special Guest. Gemma at Train Trak Winery.

Greetings once again. It was my wife's and my birthday the other day.
We met up with some friends and headed out to Train Trak Winery near Yarra Glen.
They have a sensational restaurant there called Zonzo. Check the links and see what I mean !

We were met by little Gemma who lives there.

Gidday Gemma. Nice view ?
"Lovely thanks."

"And the sun is warm. It's a fine day."

Righto then. Well, we're off for a snack.
There's our mate Chris, ripping into the antipasto and vino.

How about a little close up of that antipasto.

Little Gemma wandered over for some prosciutto and meatballs.
She's under that table when I took this picture.
That's all for now. We had a wonderful birthday. Thanks again to Chris too.

Si the DogBlogger.

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Anonymous said...

Love little Gemma at Train Trak Winery.21 looks good too....