Monday, October 19, 2009

Monty and Daisy have a haircut. Part 1.

Righto. Make a cuppa, sit down and prepare yourself for a long saga.

Summer is well on the way, so it's time for our hair cut.
I've put on my very old t-shirt and shorts, found the clippers and away we go...

Monty. You're first. Are you ready ?
"I'm ready Dad. I get very hot on our walks now."

Daisy looks a bit uncertain about it all.

"Dad, are you sure about this. You made a mess of my haircut last time and mum was very cross."

I'm sure Daisy. You are way too hairy, and there's fur all over the house !
A bit of oil on the clippers and I am ready.

To be continued...

Si the DogBlogger

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