Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Dinner in My Bowl. Very tasty.

"Daddddd. We're hungry. It's time for a Hot Dinner in My Bowl."

Sigh, I'm a slave to your stomachs. Vegies ?
"Yes please. Carrots, if they're sweet. Make sure you taste it first."

A bit of mince maybe ?
"Yes please, Dad. Can I have a sniff first ?"

Anything else ?
"Well a bit of fat off the ham, on top, just for flavor ?"

OK, you can have a little of the fat off the ham, just for flavor.
Let me heat that up a bit in the microwave. Two minutes or three?
"Two minutes please Dad."
Anything else ?

"Well, a little cheese on top, just for our bones, you see ?"
OK, just a little. All you get is cheap cheddar.

Does that suit Your Highness ?
"Yum. Yes thanks Dad."

And you Daisy-Mae ?
"Yum yum. Thanks Dad."

Si the DogBlogger.
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