Saturday, September 25, 2010

Poor Monty is cold. Part two.

Here's a bit more of the absolutely gripping adventure of 'Monty is cold'.

We're all around at the new house sanding and paiting, and it's freezing.
Laura has put an old shirt on Monty to keep him warm.

Monty, you look like an Egyptian mummy !

Monty ! Face the camera so that I can take a picture.
"Take a picture of me instead, Dad."
Yes Daisy.

Monty ! Food !
Yes, that made you look.

"Dad, I'm sulking now. You're making fun of me."
Awww, poor Monty.

Monty, sit up and I'll find you a snack.
"OK Dad, just for you."

Finally. That's a good pose. Hold it...

Si the DogBlogger.