Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lamb bones from Al Albero. Part two.

Yesterday I scored some left over lamb bones from Joe at Al Albero pizza.
He's a good bloke, and he loaned me a container to take the bones home for Monty and Daisy.

I dropped in to return his container, but he insisted on filling it up again.
Lucky Monty. Lucky Daisy.

Look kiddies. More bones from Joe.


You take one, Daisy.
"Thanks Dad."

You have one too, Monty.
"Mmmm, don't mind if I do."

"Mmmm, I'm going to have another one."
"Mmmm, me too another bone too."

Go for it kiddies. There's plenty more. Just don't make a mess in the house.
Thanks again, Joe.
To be continued...just one more slice.

Si the DogBlogger.

1 comment:

georgia little pea said...

gosh! i can't believe how well behaved monty and daisy are around BONES!