Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early Christmas at Grandma's. Part four.

We're having an early Christmas dinner at "Grandma's" house.
We've had a walk around the property and now we're all hungry.

"Dadddddd ! We're starving out here and I can smell turkey and ham."

Did anyone hear something just then ?

"Let's try this door Daisy. Try again."
"Daddddddd !!!!!! Feed us some snacks !!!!"

"Let's go back to the other door. OK, try again."
"Dadddd !!! Feed us !!! Sigh, they're all deaf in there."

Whoops, hello kiddies. Hang on and I will sneak you out some turkey.

"Thanks Dad. A little ham too if you please."
OK, but just wait until Grandma isn't looking. Shhhh.

Si the DogBlogger.

1 comment:

georgia little pea said...

meanie!!! give them the turkey and ham already. they've had such a big walk they must be sta.a.a.rrving :p

have a good one si! :)