Friday, May 6, 2011

Monty's eye. Part four.

This is almost the end of another little saga.
Poor Monty has a lump growing in his eye. We're at The Vet to check it out.
Not to waste an opportunity, I have thrown Monty and Daisy in their hydro-bath.

Ah, all clean now.
*grumblegrumbledon't like beingclean*
Poor Monty. At least Jess The Vet will like you now.

Ah my little Daisy-Mae, I do love you so much more when you're clean and fluffy.

Smile for your readers ! Lovely.

"Dad, do you really love us more when we're clean ?!"

Ah, yup ! Sure do.

To be continued for one more post...

Si the DogBlogger.
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