Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monty's eye. Part two.

Here we go on yet another expensive dog saga.
Poor Monty has a lump growing in his eye, poor thing.

Here we are at The Fitzroy Vet, waiting for Jess to see Monty.
"Dad, I want a liver treat from the nurses."

We've been studied and poked and prodded by the lovely Jess.
She says we'll have to cut that lump out, and have eye drops, and also heart tablets for the old man.
Did you hear all that Monty ?
"Yes Dad. I think heart tablets sounds like a good idea, Dad."

Sigh, it's gonna cost a fortune, again.
"Sorry Dad."
Don't you be sorry, my lovely boy.

"What about me, Dad ?"
You're just fine Daisy. All you need is a W.A.S.H.

... and that's next on the agenda. We'll go use the vet's hydro-bath.

Si the DogBlogger.
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