Monday, May 23, 2011

P'raps I'd better taste it, Dad.

"What are you cooking, Dad ?"
Oh, hello Monty, hello Daisy. I'm cooking up some chicken fillets that have been in the freezer too long.

"Ah. Cooking them up for us, are you ?"
Yes Monty.
"Ah. Browned in a hot pan, are they ?"
Yes Monty.
"Lightly salted, and a little olive oil, is it ?"
Yes Monty.

"P'raps I'd better taste it then..."
P'raps you'd better.

"P'raps I'd better taste it too, Dad..."
Yes Daisy.

"Very nice, Dad. P'raps I'd better taste another piece, just to be sure..."

"Oh yes. Very nice, Dad."
Glad you approve.

"Me too another piece too Dad."
Yes Daisy.
"Do plate it up nicely Dad, won't you ?!"
Sigh, you two have been watching too much 'Master Chef' with your Mum.

Si the DogBlogger.
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