Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lovely day continued...

Enjoying your stroll, Monty ?
"Oh yes Dad. There's lizards to chase and things to smell. Lovely, thank you."
Si the Dogblogger

Lovely day.

"Ahh. Lovely day for a walk."
Sure is Monty, now get walking !
"No way, Dad. Push me in my chariot !"
Si the Dogblogger

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My old legs.

Up you come then, Monty. In the chariot.

"Thanks Dad. That's better for my old legs."
Jolly good.

"Push ! Faster !"
Yes Sir !

Si the Dogblogger

Why walk ?

Come on Monty, you lazy lump. Walk ! You need exercise !
"But Dad. Why walk when I can ride ?"

Sigh. Jump in then and let's get going.
"Yay. Let's go for a spin."

Si the Dogblogger

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dad's home. Yay.

"Yay. Dad's home. Hello Dad."
"Hello Dad."
Hello you two. Let me open this gate and pick you up and SQUEEZE you !
Si the Dogblogger

Monday, June 27, 2011

Last meal in Bali.

Last meal in Bali.
Time to head back to the winter of Melbourne. Home to my doggies.

In Bali. Home tomorrow.

We're in Bali, eating sates.

Home soon, back to my little Daisy-Mae and Monty.
See you all soon.

Si the Dogblogger

Friday, June 24, 2011

On holidays.

On holidays.
Back soon.
Mama is minding Monty and Daisy.
I hope they're alright.

Si the Dogblogger

Monday, June 13, 2011

Off with his head !

*Hmm hmm* ''Off with his head.''

*Mmm mmm* ''Off with HER head !''
*Hmm hmm* ''Off with HIS head !!''

What's all that mumbling, Monty ?''
'''Oh, just practising Dad.''

Practising what exactly ?
''Practising my Lordly duties as befits one who drives a kingly chariot like mine, is all.''
Ah. OK. *snort* Carry on then.

Si the Dogblogger

Scratch in the ear please.

''Dad, my ear's itchy. Scratch please.''
Sigh, yes your Lordship... *scratchscratch*
Will there be anything else ?
''No, that's fine thanks Dad.''
Si the Dogblogger

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not what I had in mind...

Oy you two ! That's Monty's chariot.
''We're taking a turn now. Push us !''
No way ! Out !
This is not what I had in mind for a walk.
Si the Dogblogger

To the rescue...

''Dad. I don't want to walk. Where's my wheels ?!''

Hang on Monty, Joseph to the rescue.

Here I am, says Joseph. Up you come, Monty.
''Jolly good. Let's roll !''

Si the Dogblogger

Joseph, Monty and the chariot

I'm taking nephew Joseph out for a walk today, with Monty and Daisy too of course.

There's Joseph and Monty. Lovely pose from both of them.

Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hissssss !

What's that you've found, kiddies ?
''It's a cat ! It's a cat !''

Well, leave it alone.
''Ow ! Dad, it scratched my nose !''
Yeah, funny that.

''Ow, it scratched my nose too !''
Sigh, you two never learn. The cat always wins.

*Hisss* *swipe scratch*

''Ow ! It scratched me again !''
Sigh, never learn.....

Si the Dogblogger

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Use it or lose it !

Monty ! Get up off your backside.
''But Dad, I'm tired already.''
Monty, you've walked fifty paces. Use it or lose it, old man.
''But Daddddd....''
Up ! Let's get these little old legs into action.
Si the Dogblogger

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chariots of the ???

''Dad. Can we paint a name on this thing ? I'm thinking 'Chariots of Fire' or maybe 'Chariots of the Gods'. Whatdayathink ?''
Haha, well it has 'Mothers Choice' on the front already. Will that do ?
''Dad, don't mock my chariot !''
Si the Dogblogger

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy by the heater.

We've just been out for a late night stroll.
It's 5 degrees out there. Brrrrr.
''Yes Dad. It's much better in here by the heater. Can you leave it on when you go to bed please ?''
Hmm. Maybe.

"And drag my bed a bit closer to the heater while you're at it please, Dad."

Si the Dogblogger

Monday, June 6, 2011

Roast chicken.

What shall we have for dinner, Daisy ?

''Roast chook, Dad.''

Yeah well, it's kinda handy we're outside the roast chook shop, so chicken it is...

Si the Dogblogger

Beep beep

''Beep beep ! Out of the way. We're coming through !''

Are you two having fun there ?
''Yes Dad, you bet !''

Si the Dogblogger

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Worth waiting for... Little Tony's Pizza Fitzroy

"Dad ! I want hammy bits please !"
Yes, Daisy.
"Dad ! I want crusty bits please !'
Yes, Monty.
Pizza for everybody, coming up.
Si the Dogblogger

Winter pizza. Little Tony's Pizza Fitzroy

Brrr. It's chilly. We're waiting for our pizza at Little Tony's.
It was sunny when we left, but it's freezing now.
Monty is nice and warm in his jammies.
Si the Dogblogger

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dog philosophy.

*muses* "Will there be bacon ? Will it arrive ? One ponders... Will bacon exist in trans-sub-or-supernatural manifestation ? Discuss."

What was that, Monty ?
"Oh, nothing Dad."

Si the Dogblogger

Go back to bed.

Come on all you lazy lumps.
Out of bed ! Let's go for brekky and a walk.

"Yes, Dad." *Yawnnnnn.*

"Dad, I need another nap."

Si the Dogblogger

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are you sure ?!

What ? Don't look at me like that.
"Dad, are you sure that's all the turkey out of your roll ?!"
Yes I'm sure. There's nothing left. You two can have biscuits at home.
"Bah humbug."
Si the Dogblogger

All the turkey out of Dad's sandwich. Cavallini Cafe Fitzroy

Another day, another cafe. Rushing for a bit of lunch before work.
"What are WE having, Dad ?!"
We're having turkey and cranberry roll. You two can have all the turkey.
"Yum. Turkey."
"Yum.  I want some crusty bread please."

Si the Dogblogger

Cheesy bits, late at night.

"Hello Dad. What are you doing ?"

Hello Daisy. I'm having my supper. Do you want some cheese ?
"Ooh. Yes please, Dad."

Hello Monty. Do you want some cheese too ?
"Ooh. Yes please to cheesy bits. Yum."

Some cheese for Monty...

"Mmm. Yum. Thanks Dad."

Not too much. It'll make you fat... I mean fatter.

Si the Dogblogger