Sunday, July 31, 2011

My supper.

''What are you cooking, Dad ?''
I'm making tuna pasta for my supper.
''Yum. Tuna pasta. Put plenty of salt in, Dad.''
Yes Monty. Why ? Do you think you're getting some ?
''Don't joke, Dad. Plenty of chilli too. I like chilli.''
Yes Monty. Maybe I'll give you a little taste.
''A big bowl full please.
Si the DogBlogger

Friday, July 29, 2011

Two different sorts of bikkies.

''Hello Dad. What did you buy ?''
Hello Daisy. I bought you two different types of bikkies.

See ? Lamb and Rice.

Also Chicken and Oatmeal.
''Mmmmm. Yum.''

''What about me, Dad ?''
You can have some too, Monty. I'd hate you to starve.

Si the DogBlogger

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maybe they'll feed us...

''Dad. I'm hungry. Can I have some of your turkey roll.''
Maybe in a minute, Monty.
''Me too. I'm hungry too, Dad.''
OK Daisy. Just wait.
''What about that person. Maybe he'll feed me. I'll just go ask.''
Monty ! Stop grumbling.
''Or maybe those two, maybe they'll feed us.''
''I reckon they'll give us some crumbs.''
All right you two. Stop moaning. I'll give you all the turkey out of my roll. Sigh.
Si the Dogblogger

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monty FX. A few more.

Monty, I want to try this 'Poster' effect on the phone camera again.
Hold still.

"Sure thing Dad."

Lovely. One more.
*yawns* "Dad, this is boring."

One more.
"La la la - I can't hear you." *rolls*

Well, I guess that will do for now.

Si the DogBlogger.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monty. FX.

Yay. A new camera app on the new phone.
('Angel Camera' for the Android phones.)

Monty. Hold still. This one is 'Sepia'.
"Sure thing, Dad. Take my good side please."

Righto. Big smile. This effect is 'Poster'.
"How about this ?"

Look casual. This one is 'Beauty', so look warm and fuzzy.
"Sure thing Dad. 1 2 3 Now !"

Lovely. Let's walk a bit now.

Si the DogBlogger.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

That's us.

Smile Monty ! That's us in the window.

"Sure, sure. Let's get moving Dad. I have places to go, things to do."

Si the DogBlogger.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On the blanky while Dad cooks.

On the blanky, you two ! Keep out from under my feet while I cook.

"Yes Dad."
"OK Dad."

"We'll just sit here and watch, Dad."
"Dad, you can depend on us if any sausages need tasting."

Sure thing kiddies. There may be sausages to be tasted.

"Oh ! You dropped something ! Hmp, it's only a piece of onion."

Sorry Monty. The sausages are still cooking.

Si the DogBlogger.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Life in the old dog yet.

Another day, another walk.

How are you feeling, Monty ?
"Good thanks Dad. I've just had my arthritis shot and my heart tablet. Yeah baby."

"I feel good enough to try a roll in the sun."

"Ah, yup. All the way around today."

"Yup. Feeling good indeed. It must be those expensive heart tablets you feed me."
Don't remind me !

Si the DogBlogger.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How much is that in dog biscuits ?

There you go, you two.
You've just had your annual vaccinations, and Monty has his expensive heart tablets.

"Gosh, thanks Dad."
"Thanks Dad."

Any idea what that cost me, Daisy ? I'll tell you.. five hundred dollars !
"What ?! Good heavens ! That's a lot."

Yes Daisy. You had better be worth it. And those tablets aren't cheap.
"Sorry Dad. How much is that in dog biscuits ? Maybe we can skimp a little."

Yes Daisy. Maybe a diet would be good for all of us !
But not today...

Si the DogBlogger.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rub with a towel after the rain.

We've just had a walk in The Park and got caught in the rain.
Now I have two wet stinky muddy dogs in my car, steaming up the windows.

Who wants a rub with the towel ?
"Yes please Dad."
"Me too Dad."

Daisy first. *rubrubrub*
"Thanks Dad. That's nice."
Monty next...

Better now ?
"Yes Dad."
"Yes thanks Dad. We might have a nap now."

OK, you two have a little sleep while I go shopping for our supper.
"Hurry back Dad."
Yes Daisy. You mind the car for me.

*zzz snort sniffle zzzzzz*

Gorgeous kiddies.

Si the DogBlogger.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lovely pile of dust. Edinburgh Gardens Fitzroy

We're out for a walk and it's started to rain.

Let's shelter under this tree, Daisy.
"Yes Dad, there's this lovely dust bowl here ! Yay."

Ick. Wet dog in a dust bowl. What a wonderful combination.
"Was that sarcasm, Dad ?"

"Don't you love me anymore Dad ?"

Yes of course, Daisy. You go ahead and roll in the dust if it makes you happy.

"Gosh, thanks Dad."
Hmm. No problemo.

Si the DogBlogger.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Find it, then bury it.

Haha, Daisy, come here. What do you have stuck on your face ?!

"Dad. I can't see ! Help me."

What are you up too, my snotty faced girl ?
"I found a biscuit, Dad. So I had to bury it for later."

You found it, so you buried it again ?
"Yes Dad, of course."

Well I'm sure it makes sense to you.

"You just don't understand, Dad."
No, I'm sure I don't.

Si the DogBlogger.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time to go home now Dad.

Another day, another walk in the park.
Poor old Monty has just had his Pentosan injection for his arthritis. It always picks him up a bit.

How are you feeling, Monty ?
"Good thanks Dad. That little bit of sun is nice."

Shall we walk a bit.
"Maybe a little."

"Dad. I'm cold and hungry now and it's time to go home.
OK, I'm hungry too. Let's go for hamburgers.
"Um, you will push me home, won't you Dad ?!"

Yes Monty. When I'm hungry, we go fast ! Jump in.

Si the DogBlogger.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not walking ...

Another day, another walk.

I think Monty is starting to like his chariot just a bit too much.
Come on Monty. You walk for a bit.
"No thanks Dad. I'm enjoying the ride."

Alright. I'll push you a bit more.

How about now. Get out and walk you lazy lump.
"Ummmm, no thanks Dad. I'm alright here."

How about now ?

Now ?
"Hmm. No."

Well then I'll lift you out and leave you on the ground !
"Dad. Now you're being mean."

Well, walk for a bit then. You need some exercise.
"No no no no no."
Monty, you're a big sook.

Si the DogBlogger.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do anything...

We're out on our walk, and I'm trying to make these dogs exercise.

Cone on Monty ! Run around a bit.

"Why Dad. I just want to stand here. It's nice here, you know."
You're out for a walk, so walk !

"Why Dad ? Why do anything ?"
That's a very good philosophical question. We'll discuss it after you exercise a bit.
"Exercise ?! Pfff."

Si the DogBlogger.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bob and Dolly in their winter coats. Edinburgh Gardens Fitzroy

Ahh, another pleasant Winter afternoon in the park.
"Yes Dad. It's nice to be out."
There's Bob and Dolly. Let's go over.
"Hello you."
Hello Bob, nice coat.
"Hello Monty. Nice jammies. "
"Hello Bob. Nice coat. "
"See ya later Bob."
"Bye Monty."
Si the Dogblogger