Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rub with a towel after the rain.

We've just had a walk in The Park and got caught in the rain.
Now I have two wet stinky muddy dogs in my car, steaming up the windows.

Who wants a rub with the towel ?
"Yes please Dad."
"Me too Dad."

Daisy first. *rubrubrub*
"Thanks Dad. That's nice."
Monty next...

Better now ?
"Yes Dad."
"Yes thanks Dad. We might have a nap now."

OK, you two have a little sleep while I go shopping for our supper.
"Hurry back Dad."
Yes Daisy. You mind the car for me.

*zzz snort sniffle zzzzzz*

Gorgeous kiddies.

Si the DogBlogger.

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