Friday, October 7, 2011

Groundhog Day

I often think I should call this blog 'Groundhog Day', after that wonderful Bill Murray film of the same name.
I do the same thing day after day.
Go to work, come home, give Snacks And Treats to these hounds, and go for Walkies.
It's time for a change !
What shall we do today kiddies ? Something different. Something new.
"We want snacks, Dad. Then we wanna go for a walk. Yay."
.... long pause from yours truly ....
Sigh. OK. Well that's that little bit of pondering over and done with.
Who wants some cheese ?
"Me !"
"Me too some cheese too please !"
Who wants some hot buttered toast ?
"Me !"
"Me too. Yum. Toast !"
See you all tomorrow for the same old thing.
Si the DogBlogger

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