Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Insert needle here.

Poor Monty has just come down with diabetes.

This is the shaved patch on the back of his neck where we stick needles in him.
"Ouch Dad. It hurts just hearing about it !"
Sorry Monty.

"You don't look sorry Dad."
Si the DogBlogger

Monday, November 28, 2011

Show me your teeth...

We do a lot of this ....
Monty, show me you eyes.
"Yes Dad." *snuffle snuffle*
I have to check for eye goop and that ingrowing eyelash.
Show me your teeth.
"Yes Dad." *snort snort*
Lovely teeth. Those bones keep your teeth nice.
Show me your ears.
"Yes Dad." *snuffle snort*
Nice clean ears.
You're such a good boy, Monty
"It's all attention Dad. I like it when you look after me."
Lovely boy.
*snuffle snuffle*
Si the DogBlogger

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lock down.

Sorry you two, but we're all locked out.
"Why Dad ?"
Because you two have dirty feet, that's why, and Mum's washing the floor. It's lock out for all of us.
"Oh. But I'm hungry."
Tough luck, Daisy.
"How about now, Dad. Can we go in now ?"
No. It's only been thirty seconds, Monty.
"Oh. But I'm hungry too."
Tough luck for you as well.
Hmmm, and I'm hungry too ! Shoulda grabbed a biscuit.

Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Feeling better, thanks Dad.

Hello Monty. How are you going today ?
"Hello Dad. I'm feeling much better thank you."
You can thank your Mum, 'cos she's the one sticking needles in you at the moment.
"Thanks then to Mum. But a scratch would make me feel even better, Dad."
A scratch ? Can do.
"In fact, I feel good enough to try a roll."
"Ah yes. I'm feeling pretty good indeed."
Well that's a fine thing then.
Si the DogBlogger

Friday, November 25, 2011

100 needles, just for you.

Poor old Monty has just been diagnosed with diabetes.
Look Monty ! One hundred needles, just for you.
"Gosh thanks Dad, I think."
"What about me, Dad ?"
Well Daisy, I can poke you with needles too if you want.
"Oh, needles ? No thanks then."
Si the DogBlogger

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dogs with diabetes don't get treats.

My poor Monty. Let me look at you. Look at all those shaved patches and holes poked in you.
"Hello Dad. Yes, but I feel a lot better now."
Are you ready for your needle then ?
"Um, no Dad. It hurts a little."
Here we go then.
"Dad ! I said no, not ready. Maybe a treat first ?"
Too late, and you've had lunch anyway, so no treats.
"Ouch and ouch. What do you mean no treats ?!"
Dogs with diabetes don't get treats.
"Now that hurts."
"What about me, Dad ?"
Well, I can stick a needle in you too Daisy-Mae, if you really feel the need for attention.
"Um, no thanks Dad."
Si the DogBlogger

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just you and me today, Daisy.

It's just you and me today Daisy. Poor Monty's still in hospital.
"Yes Dad. Poor Monty."
The vet said I can collect him later tonight.
"If he's not home for supper, can I have his ?! Yum. Two suppers."
No you can not ! Don't be mean.
And don't you going falling ill either. I can't afford two sick dogs.
"Grrrrr. No chance Dad. I'm not going to any vet. The poke needles in me."
Si the DogBlogger

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visiting Monty in hospital at Animal Accident Emergency

We're visiting Monty in hospital. Hello my poor boy.
"Hello Dad. Hello Mum."
So, diabetes eh ? How are you feeling now.
"OK I guess, Dad. I've had a good sleep and don't feel so woozy any more."
How are the staff ? The vets and the nurses ?
"Cute Dad ! I like Juliette, and Louise is lovely, and Doug talks to me."
You know I'm gonna have to inject you twice a day.
"Ouch. Really ?"
Yup. Anyway, let's do a little product placement. Hold still.
"Sigh, yes Dad."
Big thanks to all the staff at Animal Accident Emergency.
Si the DogBlogger

Monday, November 21, 2011

Poor Monty has diabetes. Animal Accident Emergency

Here we are at Animal Accident Emergency Hospital.
Poor old Monty is off his food and drinking excessively and as I've just found out, this is because he has diabetes.
"Sorry Dad. I didn't mean too. But I really don't feel well."
My poor boy. We'll fix you up.
Back to waiting. Blood tests and urine tests, then overnight to stabilise the insulin and blood sugar. Poor Monty.
Si the DogBlogger

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Days and days, maybe weeks...

Monty is on a special diet of veggies, lean meat and brown rice to try to help control his diabetes. The poor boy is hungry and thirsty all the time.

Monty ?! Are you OK ?
"Oh Dad, I'm starving. I don't think I've been fed for days, maybe weeks !"
Poor Monty. Well I had better make you a hot dinner then. Minced beef ?
"Oh yes please, prime cut."
Carrot ?
"Hmm, yes maybe some salad."
Will that be all, your lordship ?
"Well maybe crumble some Weetbix in there too, and a pinch of salt."
Weetbix ? Can do.
"Oh yes Dad. It makes me poop."
Yes, well there's something to look forward to.
Si the DogBlogger

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Woe is me.

"Bark bark."
What is it Monty ?

"Bark bark bark !"
Yes Monty ? Do you want something ?


What ??!!!

*staring intently at the fridge* "Dad ! Take a hint. I'm starving to death and I went a hot dinner in my bowl. Sheesh."
Well why didn't you say so then ?

Si the DogBlogger

Big rain last night. Muddy feet.

We had a big, big rain last night.
Now we're down at the park playing in the water garden.
"It's lovely and cool, Dad."
I'm sure it is Monty. Just look at all that mud to play in.
"Hmmm, I think I'll take a swim."
Take care now. You're not as young as you used to be.

"Ahhh. It's lovely in."
"Hello Dad. Are you coming in too ? It's very refreshing."
No. It's bad enough having you covered in mud.
Si the DogBlogger

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big rain last night.

We had a huge storm last night. There's heaps of water in the new Rain Garden at the park.
In you go, Monty.
"Um, in a minute. It looks a bit deep."
Nah, look at Daisy. It's only up to her fat tummy.
"Yes Dad, but that first step looks a bit deep."
Don't be a big sook. Jump in and cool your feet.
"I'm just being cautious. What if there's crocodiles or something ?!"
Suit yourself. Daisy's having a nice paddle anyway.
Si the DogBlogger

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shave and a haircut.

It's a lovely hot day and you both stink, so it's a haircut and a wash for you both.
"Nooooo. "
Oh yes. Hydro-bath time at Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic.
"No Dad. No wash. Don't want to."
Afraid so, kiddies.
Blimey, look at that water, it's black ! Filthy beasts.
"Dad, it's in my eyes."
"Dad, I'm not very happy now."
Ah, you two almost look clean now.
"Dadddd. Now we'll have to start all over again."
"Dadddd, I've lost all my smell. That took me ages."
Poor kiddies.
Si the DogBlogger

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More sausages. Darling Gardens Clifton Hill.

This is one of the benefits of taking a walk on a Sunday afternoon in the park.
Look Monty, another sausage.
"Gosh, thanks Dad. Good find."
"Yum. Sausages."
How is it ?
"Hmm, it's OK I guess. But it's a cheapo sausage, not like the nice ones you buy."
Poor Monty. Cheap sausages.
"Yes Dad. Still, down the hatch."
Si the DogBlogger