Sunday, November 20, 2011

Days and days, maybe weeks...

Monty is on a special diet of veggies, lean meat and brown rice to try to help control his diabetes. The poor boy is hungry and thirsty all the time.

Monty ?! Are you OK ?
"Oh Dad, I'm starving. I don't think I've been fed for days, maybe weeks !"
Poor Monty. Well I had better make you a hot dinner then. Minced beef ?
"Oh yes please, prime cut."
Carrot ?
"Hmm, yes maybe some salad."
Will that be all, your lordship ?
"Well maybe crumble some Weetbix in there too, and a pinch of salt."
Weetbix ? Can do.
"Oh yes Dad. It makes me poop."
Yes, well there's something to look forward to.
Si the DogBlogger

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