Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dogs with diabetes don't get treats.

My poor Monty. Let me look at you. Look at all those shaved patches and holes poked in you.
"Hello Dad. Yes, but I feel a lot better now."
Are you ready for your needle then ?
"Um, no Dad. It hurts a little."
Here we go then.
"Dad ! I said no, not ready. Maybe a treat first ?"
Too late, and you've had lunch anyway, so no treats.
"Ouch and ouch. What do you mean no treats ?!"
Dogs with diabetes don't get treats.
"Now that hurts."
"What about me, Dad ?"
Well, I can stick a needle in you too Daisy-Mae, if you really feel the need for attention.
"Um, no thanks Dad."
Si the DogBlogger

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