Monday, January 30, 2012

My father's computer

"Phew Dad. It's hot ! Where are we off to ?"
Well, I have to go and fix my Dad's computer.
See ? He wants a new copy of 'Publisher'.
"That sounds like a very boring adventure, Dad."
Well, you can chase the rabbits and mices, Daisy-Mae. That will keep you busy.
"Yay. Rabbits and mices."
Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shhh, I'm having a nap.

Daisy ?! Are you OK over there ?
"Zzzzzz. Snort. Mumble."

Daisy, what's wrong ?

"Nothing, Dad ! I was having a lovely nap in the cool grass. Grrr, now you've woken me up."
Sorry about that. You go back to sleep.

"Yes Dad. Zzzzzz. Snort. Zzzzzz."

Si the Dogblogger

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day.

It's Australia Day today. I had to work this morning but now I'm home with the kiddies.

Hello Monty.
"Hellooo Dad. It's a glorious day."

Indeed it is.
"How about an Australia Day smooch then, Dad ?"

Of course, my beautiful boy.

"Thanks Dad. Now I feel better."

Hellooo Daisy-Moo.

"Hello Dad. Can I have a smooch too ?"
Yes of course, but only because you've just been washed.

Mmmm, you still smell clean. Do try to stay that way for a day or two.
"Yes Dad."

Si the Dogblogger

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wash for the blind boy too.

Come on up old man. You can have a wash too. It'll cool you down.
"But Dad, I'm old and frail. I don't need a wash."
Ooh yes you do, cos you pee everywhere and sit in it and you pong. Poor old blind boy.
"Make sure you wash my toes Dad. I like it when you play with my toes."
Yes of course Monty. I'll scrub all your bits.
Look at that water ! It's black ! I told you you needed a wash.
"Sigh, I guess I'll have to start all over again then, eh Dad ?"
Si the Dogblogger

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wash for Little Stinky.

In the tub, missus. You stink.
"Dad. Noooooo."
Your hair is all matted, you fringe is a mess and you covered in dags and mud and prickles. WASH !
"But Dad, I worked so hard to be like this. You've no idea."
Lordy, I've half a mind to put you through again. You still have dreadlocks in that fringe of yours. I might have to cut them out.
"Not the fringe, Dad. Don't touch the fringe."
Si the Dogblogger

Monday, January 23, 2012

Out amongst the herbs

Where are you, Monty ?! It's time for tablets and injections.

"Outside Dad. Out amongst the herbs. It's cool and pleasant here."
Lovely boy. Are you ready for breakfast then ?
"Silly question, Dad."

Si the Dogblogger

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bacony bits at The Old Knife Shop Cafe.

Here you go, Daisy. Yummy bacon.
"Mmm, thanks Dad."

"Wow. That's good bacon. More please."

Yah, sure is. The Old Knife Shop Cafe sure do good bacon.

More bacony bits, madam ?
"Don't mind if I do, Dad."

Si the Dogblogger

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where's my breakfast ?

"Hmm, hmm, now where's my breakfast ?"
"Usually it's right here."
"Hmm, not over here either..."
"Not here...."
"Only one thing for it then. DAD ! "
What's all that grumbling over there. Are you hungry Monty ?
Here's your tucker anyway.
"Gosh, thanks Dad. I was starving."

Poor old Monty is on a special diet of veggies, lean meat and brown rice to try to help control his diabetes. Poor boy.

Si the Dogblogger

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spicy dhal to my sister.

"What are we doing today, Dad ?"
Well, I found this spicy dhal that I like, so I'm sending some to my sister in Alice Springs.

"Let me see... Mmm, that looks good."
Yah, it's great with a beer or two.

"I bet that'll make her poop."

Daisy ! That's no way to talk.
"But Dad, a good poop is very important. You always say that."

Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Honestly Monty, I'm going to start calling you 'Puddles' from now on.
"Why Dad ?"
Because of this little lake by the back door... again !
"Whoops, sorry Dad."
And the one in the hall too.
"Um, I couldn't find my way outside."
Never mind my poor, old boy. I'll mop it up.
"Sorry Dad. I'll try to remember."
Si the Dogblogger

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lovely sunshine.

"Ahhh, this sun is lovely Dad."
Yeah, it's not bad at all.

"Mmm. It warms my old bones."
Yup. Mine too.

"Dad ?"
Yes Monty.

"I don't s'pose there's any chance of a head scratch, is there ?"
Yes of course, my beautiful boy.

Si the Dogblogger

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well enough to eat.

Poor old Monty is old and sick with diabetes.
Monty is on a special diet of veggies, lean meat and brown rice to try to help control his diabetes.

How are you feeling today, my beautiful boy ?
"Well enough to eat breakfast, Dad."

Jolly good.
Daisy, you eat too.

"But Dad, it had vegetables in it. I don't like veggies."

Fine. Don't eat. But Monty is almost finished and he will eat yours if you don't.
"Um. Yum. I think I'm hungry now."

He's moving in for the kill, Daisy. You'd better hurry up and eat.
"I'm eating, I'm eating. Shoo, Monty !"

That's better. You have to eat your veggies to be a big strong dog, Daisy-Mae.
"Yes Dad."

Si the DogBlogger.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Someone dropped a biscuit.

How are you feeling today, Monty ?
"Yeah OK I guess, Dad. But anyway, stand aside. I smell a biscuit."

What ? Where ?
"There's a biscuit here I tell you !"

Well I didn't drop one, and I can't see one.
"It's here. I can sense it."

What ? From a blind, deaf old mutt that walks into walls ?
"Hush Dad. If you've nothing nice to say ..."

Si the Dogblogger

Friday, January 6, 2012

Drink at the well. Darling Gardens Clifton Hill

We're having our usual stroll in The Park, but it's a few days after New Years so we're heading for the picnic areas.

How did you go, Monty ? Find anything ?
"Oh yes Dad. A cracker covered in ants, a small chop bone and a tiny bit of cheese."
Good score.

"Me too Dad. I find a little bit of sausage and a few crumbs of cake. Yum."
Clever girl.

"We're thirsty Dad. Can we go for a drink."
Yes Daisy, we'll head to the drinking fountain.... Here we go.

"That's better. This diabetes make me very thirsty Dad."
Poor Monty.

Rightio everybody. Back in The Car and home for supper.

Si the DogBlogger.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Collecting my Mum's cabinet.

"What are we doing today, Dad ?"
Hello my freshly shaved kiddies. We're off to collect my Mum's new CD cabinet from Officeworks.

"Rightio Dad. We'll come with you and keep you safe."
Thank you Daisy.

There we go. Mum's new CD tower. That will keep her happy. Now let's head to The Park for a stroll.
"Hurry up Dad 'cos I need to pee."
Yes Monty. Just hold onto it !

Si the DogBlogger.