Friday, January 6, 2012

Drink at the well. Darling Gardens Clifton Hill

We're having our usual stroll in The Park, but it's a few days after New Years so we're heading for the picnic areas.

How did you go, Monty ? Find anything ?
"Oh yes Dad. A cracker covered in ants, a small chop bone and a tiny bit of cheese."
Good score.

"Me too Dad. I find a little bit of sausage and a few crumbs of cake. Yum."
Clever girl.

"We're thirsty Dad. Can we go for a drink."
Yes Daisy, we'll head to the drinking fountain.... Here we go.

"That's better. This diabetes make me very thirsty Dad."
Poor Monty.

Rightio everybody. Back in The Car and home for supper.

Si the DogBlogger.


Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs said...

Such a cute dog.

georgia little pea said...

and that is precisely why Ms G doesn;t get to go off-leash in the parks huring the holidays.

it's no fun at all living with us :) x