Monday, January 2, 2012

Hot day haircut.

It's 40 C today. Very hot indeed.
The kiddies are suffering in the heat so it's time for a haircut.

First a beer for me and set the clippers up. Quarter inch I think today. Nice and short.

Monty, you first.
"Just a little of the sideburns please Dad."
Sorry Monty, but it's the Full Monty today.

You gonna be naked soon boyo, and a lot cooler.
"Rightio Dad. Cooler sounds good."

Let's trim the tummy too.
*snort giggle* "That tickles, Dad."

And the feet and toes and cut out all the prickles, dags and burs.
"Just watch where you put those clippers, Dad."

There. You're done. Now to find Daisy.

Si the Dogblogger

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