Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well enough to eat.

Poor old Monty is old and sick with diabetes.
Monty is on a special diet of veggies, lean meat and brown rice to try to help control his diabetes.

How are you feeling today, my beautiful boy ?
"Well enough to eat breakfast, Dad."

Jolly good.
Daisy, you eat too.

"But Dad, it had vegetables in it. I don't like veggies."

Fine. Don't eat. But Monty is almost finished and he will eat yours if you don't.
"Um. Yum. I think I'm hungry now."

He's moving in for the kill, Daisy. You'd better hurry up and eat.
"I'm eating, I'm eating. Shoo, Monty !"

That's better. You have to eat your veggies to be a big strong dog, Daisy-Mae.
"Yes Dad."

Si the DogBlogger.


Unknown said...

Hurry up now Daisy... Monty is coming :) Glad to see Monty and his good appetite.

georgia little pea said...

That's such a precious story hehe. Daisy-Mae you'd hate living with us. Georgia eats veggies E ERY day.