Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stop poking me !

What have you found now, Daisy-Mae ?
"Dad ! It's the possum tree."
Hmmm. Don't get your fat head stuck in there.
"Fat chance, Dad... and don't be rude."
Hurry up. It's getting dark and starting to rain.
"But Dad... I smell possums !"
If you don't hurry up I'll poke you in the bottom *snigger*
"Ouch. Dad ! Stop poking me."
*poke poke*
"Dad ! Stop, I'm coming out, OK ?!"
Si the Dogblogger

1 comment:

dogsforlife said...

Lovely photos, she just doesn't want to come home.
Our male dog hates coming home he would love to stay out all day!