Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The answer is blowing in the wind.

It's just going to be Daisy and me out for Walkies for a little while, now that Mont's gone.
What can you smell there, Daisy ?
"It's on the wind, Dad."
What is ?
"Dad, it's the answer. It's on the wind. I can smell it ! I can smell it !"
What, Daisy ?! What is it ?!
*sniff sniff* "Cheap butcher's sausages on a barbecue, Dad. Sorry."
Si the Dogblogger

Dog Surfing.

Joseph has come to visit, so we're taking Daisy for a walk.

Let's go Dog Surfing. Come on Daisy... Pull !
"Rightio Dad. Hold tight, Joseph."

"Phew. He's a bit heavy."
Well, put a bit of effort into it Daisy.

"Phew, I'm pulling, but I don't think this is going to work. Shouldn't he be on a sled or sleigh or something ?"

Hmm, I think you're right. Let's all just walk instead.

Si the DogBlogger.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Daisy's eyebrows.

Daisy, come here and let me play with your eyebrows.
"Yes Dad."

Hahaha. You look like Dame Edna Everage with her glasses...
"Oh yes Dad. Ha Ha Very Funny, I'm sure."

Or maybe like Elton John and those glasses he wears...
"Yes Dad. Such a joke."

"Actually Dad, I was thinking more like those beasties in 'Gremlins'..."
Hmmm, yes, maybe.

"So, Dad.... You'd better not get me wet or I'll turn into a monster, so no more baths !"

Si the DogBlogger.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thank you. A few favorites. Monty and Dad.

Thank you to those who have passed on condolences at Monty's passing.
We're all very sad.

Here's a few favorites of my beautiful boy.

To think that I will never play with his toes again, or check his eyes and his nose and his teeth.

No more snuffles and no more snugglebunnies.

No more walks. No more drives in the car.

No more adventures.
Very sad.

Thank you all, and our love to you and your furry friends.

Si the DogBlogger.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rest in peace, Monty Pender. 23 March 2012.

Rest in peace, Monty Pender, passed away this day.

He had a good life.
He was fed well.
He was loved well.
He loved me, this much I know.

Thank you to my wife for introducing me to Monty, and all the joys of living with dogs.

Thank you to Mama for looking after him when we were away.

Thank you to Wendy and Adam for helping him in those last few hours. Our gratitude to you knows no bounds. Bless you and thank you again.

Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rights and privileges.

Monty, I've renewed the contract for another year. Do you want to check it ?
"Same rights and privileges, Dad ?"

Yes, all the same. The Right to Chop Bone, Privilege of Pizza Crust, Authority of Table-Scrap, First Sniff at Fallen Morsel...

"Mmmm, don't forget Small Taste of Ice Cream..."

Oh yes, and the obvious of course, Licking the Dog Meal Pan...
"Yes of course Dad. Sounds good. I'll sign."

Si the Dogblogger

Monday, March 12, 2012

Call the RSPCA.

"Dad ! What is this ?! I can't eat this !"
And why not Daisy-Mae ?

"Dad ! It has veggies in it. I can't eat veggies. My god, that looks like a pea."
Poor girl.

"Pass me that phone, Dad."
This one ?

"Yes. Hit fast dial 5. That's the RSPCA."
Cruelty to Animals ? As if. You're the best looked after little girl in the world. Now eat !

"Just for you Dad. Mmmm, hey this is good. Herbs, spice, chilli..."
Damn right. I've never heard such noise.

*Nom nom nom* "Yum."

Si the Dogblogger

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nix on the veggies, Dad.

"Dad. I'm starving. My bowl is empty."
Poor thing.

*grrrowwllll* "Hear that ? That's my empty tummy."

Well, your supper is cooking. See, meat and veggies, a few herbs and a little chilli.
"Yum. But nix on the veggies, Dad. I don't do veggies."

Oh yes you do. Brown rice too !

"No no no Dad. That's for Monty 'cos he has diabetes. I eat meat, roast chicken preferably."
Is that so, Daisy-Mae ? Guess again.

Si the Dogblogger

Monday, March 5, 2012

Are we gorgeous together ?

"Are we gorgeous together, Dad ?"
Yes, DaisyMae. Totally.

*sniffsniff* But you could do with wash. You smell like old possum, and your hair is full of mud and snot.

"But Dad, I thought you loved me for my inner being."
Sigh, yes, but I just love you more when you're clean.

Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's in the contract.

What are you doing here, Daisy-Mae ?
"You said I could sneak up into your bed if I was clean, Dad."
Ahh, did I then ?
"Yes you did, and you gave me a wash yesterday so I'm all clean now."
Is that so ?
"Yes Dad, so I'm allowed in bed, it's in the contract. So there !"
Si the Dogblogger