Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get the mouse !

All right. This is gonna be a long post. So sit back and relax and listen up.

Now, anything that moves or that can be thrown is 'The Mouse.'
Balls, sticks,bugs and even mice - it's always, 'quick, get the mouse, get the mouse !'.

This poor stuffed toy is an Australian Butcherbird with a squeezy thingy inside to make it sing.
Get the mouse Darcy ! Quick ! Quick !
"Throw it, Dad. Throw it !"

 *tarump tarump tarump*

"Here it is, Dad. Again ! Again !"

 *galump galump galump*

"Dad. Again !"
Ha ha. Sure. Quickkkkk. Get the mouse !

*kerthump kerthump kerthump*  "Got it !"

 Daisy. You too. You chase the mouse too.
"Yes Dad."

Daisy ! Chase the mouse.
"Well Dad. It looks like hard work."

Lazy lump. You need some exercise. 
"But Darcy is doing such a good job of it. Let him do it."

Lazy thing. OK, Mr Darcy, are you ready to do it again ?
"Ready Sir Dad."

One more time. I'll hide around the corner and throw it. Wait for it... wait for it...
"Now Dad. Now. Throw it now !"

One last time. Ready ?
"Ready !"

"Phew. I'm tired now."
Clever thing Mr Darcy.
"I'm tired too, Dad."
What from, Daisy ? All you did was watch.


"I offered encouragement, Dad. I'm the support team."
Ah. That'll be it then... Very tiring. You two have a sleep now.

Si the DogBlogger.

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