Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing Mr Darcy. Clockwork Cafe for breakfast.

It's been a very traumatic few weeks, Dear Reader.
Poor old Monty passed away from old age and diabetes complications. He was a lovely boy and he had a good long life, certainly the best we could possibly give him.

Monty's passing has left a big hole in our lives, a hole that needed to be filled with fuzzy love and dog hair and empty bellies needing feeding and long walks in the park.

So. Meet Mr Darcy.
Here we are on the way back from being rescued.
We think he's part Shih Tzu and part Terrier.

We found him at the RSPCA Lost Dogs Home, under the name of 'Puddles', but we didn't like that name and it wasn't nearly noble enough. 'Mr Darcy' it will be from now on.

Daisy seems to be taking it well. I hope she'll like having a companion again.

It's been an emotional morning and a long drive and we're all hungry.
Let's stop for breakfast at Clockwork Cafe.
"Did someone say breakfast ?"

Some toast and egg, Mr Darcy ?
"Oooh, yes please."

Some more then ?
"Yes please. Very kind of you."

"I'm quite partial to a little hot buttered toast too, if you don't mind."

Well I can see you'll fit right in then, Mr Darcy.
"And a scratch on the noggin too please."

A scratch ? Can do.
Stay tuned for more of our adventures with Daisy-Mae and Mr Darcy.
It's a whole new chapter...

Si the DogBlogger.
P.S. He's settling in well at home. He's had a big supper and his belly is full.
Daisy and Mr Darcy are snoozing, back to back on their bed. So far, so good.


georgia little pea said...

Welcome Mr Darcy! Yes, MUCH better than Puddles lol. You'll have to pose him next to Daisy and take a picture so we can all see how they're different. From here, they look quite similar and I'm sure they're NOT! Is he an old boy too? Very excited for all of you! I think this introduction must be one of the easiest I've ever read about on a blog. Daisy is one cool dog :)

When I read your comment/message last night, I told The Other Half you'd gotten another little one. He follows your adventures too. In fact, he often talks to Georgia the way you write haha. You (and one other blogger I follow) did the same thing...go out almost immediately to rescue another dog. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy and says a lot about your commitment to rescue work.

OK. stop blabbing Typist! :) BIG hugs to the new pack x

Ann Oon said...

Hello Mr Darcy! Sorry we took so long to welcome you. You sure look like a sweet lil guy and the name suits you perfectly. Daisy is so sweet to come and fetch and welcome you to your new forever home.

It will be a wonderful home with lots of love.

We are so so sorry to hear about Monty. We have been away quite a lot since dec... and haven't quite settled down inside and out. Am sure sweet Monty is happy and running free with no more pain now. God bless his his lil heart and yours too for going straight out to welcome another furry to a warm bed and a full tummy.

Can't wait to read more of Mr Darcy's adventures with you guys.