Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mr Darcy and Daisy waiting for a snackette. Clockwork Cafe, Clifton Hill

It's a glorious Autumn day and it's my rostered day off, so let's all go for a walk.
Come on you two, let's head to Queens Parade for a snack.

Clockwork Cafe will do just fine. Now what will we have ?
"Gosh, a little snackette would be nice, Dad."
Sure Daisy. What would you like ? And you Mr Darcy ?

"Bacon, Dad."
"Bacon, please Sir."

Sigh, OK. I might have a tandoori chicken pide, with bacon on the side of course.
"Yum. We'll taste that for you too, Dad. Just to make sure it's OK."
Mmmmm. Maybe.

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