Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mr Darcy learning to WAIT.

I never taught Monty and Daisy any tricks.
About the only thing I ever taught them was WAIT at the traffic lights.

Now it's time to teach Mr Darcy.
*heavy hand on the rump plus firm command* WAIT.
Good boy. Now we look left...
"Yes Sir."

Good boy. Now we look right...
"Yes Sir."

Uh ! No ! WAIT. That's good. Don't move.
"Why ? What happens if I move ?"

What happens ?
Screeching tires. Skin, fur and teeth go flying. Rush to vet. Stitches. Painful injections. Bucket on head. Many visits to vet for more painful injections. Stitches out. Limping for weeks. Thin soup to eat, if you're lucky. Maybe missing a leg. Busted teeth. Dad and mum crying and very sad. Oh, and thousands of dollars in vet bills.... Seeings as how you asked.

"Ah...... Hum........ Maybe I'll just wait here then......"

Si the DogBlogger.

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