Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking the stitches out at Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic.

We're down at the Fitzroy Vet with Mr Darcy and Daisy.
Mr Darcy had just been neutered when we saved him from the RSPCA on the Peninsula.

This is your first visit here, boyo. Probably the first of many no doubt.
"Yes. It's very exciting."

Yes, silly thing. Anyway, it's time to take your stitches out.
Poor thing. No knackers now.

"Jolly good. It does itch, you know."

You're such a good boy. You're taking it very well.
"I say, there's lots of interesting creatures here, you know."

"Hey Dad, maybe they can put some brains in when they take those stitches out."
Daisy-Mae !

"Well he's a bit dopey, Dad."
Yeah, just a little bit, but he's young.

Si the DogBlogger.


georgia little pea said...

Congrats Mr Darcy! That's a big step. And that pic is as stunning as some of my doozies lol.

So he's young. Good. There'll be many more stories to go then.

Have a great weekend all :) x

Anonymous said...

Yes! Congrats Mr Darcy. What cute doggies!