Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trust factor - zero !

We've had Mr Darcy over two weeks now and he's settling in nicely. He's a young pup and full of energy.

"Sir Dad, I don't like being on this string. I want to run free !"
Yes, Mr Darcy. That's exactly the problem. You running under a car. Squish !

"But Sir Dad. There's so many interesting things to sniff, and to pee on."
Oh yes, I'm sure. And they're all within five meters of me and this red handle !

"Come on, Daisy. Dad's no fun." *sniff sniff*
"Don't worry, Darcy. You'll get used to it." *sniff sniff*

"Let's check out this tree." *pee pee*
 "Looks good to me." *pee pee*

"Dadddddd. Don't you trust me ?" *pull pull*
As if, Mr Darcy. Trust factor zero, mate.

Maybe in a month or two. Not before.

Si the DogBlogger.

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