Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wash, ready for Prudence.

In the tub, Daisy-Mae. We may be picking up Prudence from the Lost Dogs Home today.
"Dad, noooooo."
Oh yes. We need to make a good impression.
"But Dad, I'll have no street cred'."
Tough luck. If we can bring her home, then you can work on it together.
There ! That's better. No more possum smell, or mud, or snot, or...
"Yes Dad. You've made your point."
"Anyway, I don't want any competition Dad. I though I was your favorite girl."
You are Daisy-Mae, but you came from there too, remember, and look at the lovely life you have now. Even though I do make you eat your vegetables...
Si the Dogblogger
PS. Prudence was a gorgeous, sad Pug, sitting all alone and unloved at the North Melbourne Lost Dogs Home. However she was adopted by someone else, so I hope she found a good home.


georgia little pea said...

Si, you're an inspiration. there'll be another gorgeous dog out there waiting for you.

happy Easter! hope you have a great break :) x

Jeannie said...

Lucky Prudence to be getting such an amazing family, and such a wonderful big sister in Daisy (who will always be Dad's favorite.