Monday, April 30, 2012

A weekend at 'Doodlebug'.

Laura and I finally found time for a weekend away together with the kiddies.
We found this lovely, dog-friendly weekender down near Rye, called 'Doodlebug'.
Doodlebug Dog Friendly Accommodation Rye

We were greeted with a lovely house on a hill by the sea, champagne in the fridge, and a bed each for the kiddies.
"Look Mum ! Is that a treat for us in that box ?"
 Hmm, it might be, Mr Darcy. Let me check. Yes, it's full of gourmet dog biscuits.

"Yum. Can we have one now ? It's been a long car ride and I'm hungry."
Yes of course, Mr Darcy. Here we go. One for Daisy...

 "Me too, Mum. Me too."
Yes, yes. Slow down. One for you too, Mr Darcy.

 Another on for Daisy...

And one more for you, Darcy. That's all for now. Let's go and explore.

 Si the DogBlogger.
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