Monday, May 28, 2012

Another possum chaser. Edinburgh Gardens Fitzroy.

It looks like Mr Darcy is going to be a possum chaser too.

"Dad ! There's a possum here, I can smell it !"
"Me too. I can smell it too, Dad."

"Maybe I can jump up here..."

"Or maybe I can climb here..."

"Maybe this tree. Yes. I'll climb up here and swing across. There must be a way."
Si the Dogblogger

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eight dollar rubber chicken.

Daisy, are you enjoying your new toy ?
*squeek squeek* "Yes Dad. See, it makes noises when I squish it !"

Can I have a look ?
*grrrr* "No Dad. This is my chicken." *squawk squawk*

What is this, then ? Are you tearing it to bits ?
"Yes of course, Dad."

"See ?! I've already managed to chew off one leg. I'm very clever."
Daisy ! That rubber chicken cost your Mum eight dollars !

"Well, can I have one more then, please ? They're great fun." *thttp* "Oh no, it's lost its sqeak."
That's because you've chewed its leg off. Silly girl.

Si the Dogblogger

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A bedtime story...

"Dad, we want a story."
A what ?


"We want a bedtime story, otherwise we can't sleep."
OK, this is new.


Well let's see then.
It starts like this ....
Once upon a time there was a kind Dad who rescued lots of poor, sad doggies from the Lost Dogs Home...

Si the Dogblogger

And the story ends like this, thanks to Jeannie.
... and they all lived fat and spoiled, on bits of bacon and pie, having daily walkies, rolls in the mud, sniffs of fantastic things, and lots of hydro washes. They slept with Mom and Sir Dad, ridiculously happily ever after. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pie thief !

Oh oh. This looks ominous.
Thief ! Who stole my pie ? That was my supper for late shift.

Was it you, Mr Darcy ?
"Dad, I plead. It smelled so good."

Let me smell your schnozz. Ah ha ! I smell lamb curry. Pie thief !
"Mmmm. It was very tasty."

Let me check your whiskers... yes, pie crumbs. Ah well, I hope you enjoyed it.

"Was yummy, Dad."

Si the Dogblogger

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tea and toast.

Mmmm, who wants toast ?
"With butter, Dad ?"

Oh yes. Hot buttered toast, of course.
"Yum. Me please."

"Me too, Dad."
Sure thing, Mr Darcy.

"And another, please."
Yes of course.

"And another if I may ?"
Just one more.


"Me too Dad."
Yes Daisy. Just one more.


"Mmmm, Yum. Hot buttered toast."

Si the Dogblogger

Friday, May 4, 2012

At Doodlebug. Sand in every orifice.

Hello again Readers. Here's a bit more of our adventure at Doodlebug Dog Friendly Accommodation Rye.

We're down on the front beach at Rye now (Victoria, Australia, that is).
"Mum, watch me paddle."
Yes Daisy. Don't go out to far.

"Mum ! Watch me run !"
Yes Mr Darcy. Just don't break the string... crazy dog.

"Mum. Watch me roll."
Oh yes, just lovely Daisy-Mae. Just what we need.

"Seriously, Mum. Look how good I am at it. Nobody can roll like me !"
Yes Daisy. It's quite amazing how you can get sand in every orifice.

"Mum. Watch me run ! This is the life."
"Mum. Watch me roll. There's nothing better."

Oh yes, yes indeed. Then just watch your Dad give you both a W.A.S.H.

 Si the DogBlogger.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

At Doodlebug. I've dropped my ball.

We're staying at a dog-friendly weekender called 'Doodlebug', down near the beach.
Doodlebug Dog Friendly Accommodation Rye.

We keep discovering new talent (and much amusement) in our new dog, Mr Darcy.
He found a basket of dog toys in a corner at our weekender. He lifted the lid and took them all out for inspection, one by one. It was very funny to watch.
His favorite was a bright yellow ball, which he chased around the house.

"Dad !!! I've lost my ball !"
How did you manage that, Mr Darcy ?

"I just put it down for a second and it rolled away."
Well what do you expect out here on the balcony ?! It's probably gone over the edge. I'll go and find it, shall I?
"Thanks, Sir Dad. Can you also look for the Squeaky Mouse, the Hairy Thing and the Rope, please ?"
What, you've lost all those too ?

 Si the DogBlogger.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At Doodlebug. Ready for a walk.

We're staying at a lovely dog-friendly weekender called 'Doodlebug', down on the beach near Rye.
Doodlebug Dog Friendly Accommodation Rye.

It looks like Daisy is ready for a walk.
"Dad. I need to peepee."

Ah. OK. Let's go and explore the garden then.
"Dad, can you carry me down the stairs. They're too big for me."
Can do, Daisy.

Are you coming too, Mr D?
"Yes Sir Dad, coming. I'll take point."

"Dad. Open the gate. Hurry ! I'm busting."
Yes, yes. Just let me grab the dog bag with your leads and poop-bags.

Si the DogBlogger.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exploring Doodlebug. Lunch on the balcony.

We're away for the weekend at a dog-friendly weekender called Doodlebug.
It's down on the beach near Rye. Doodlebug Dog Friendly Accommodation Rye.

Here's the kitchen. There's plenty of space and plenty of light.

Here's our bedroom. It's a superb view from here.

And most importantly, here's lunch being laid out on the balcony.
"I'm just checking everything's OK, Dad. You keep on making that lunch."
Yes, Mr Darcy.

"Hurry up Darcy, or you'll miss out on a biscuit."
"Coming, Daisy."

"Let's go find Mum. She's always a soft touch for a biscuit and a piece of cheese."
"Coming, coming."

 Just wait, you two. You'll get a snack.
Si the DogBlogger.