Friday, May 4, 2012

At Doodlebug. Sand in every orifice.

Hello again Readers. Here's a bit more of our adventure at Doodlebug Dog Friendly Accommodation Rye.

We're down on the front beach at Rye now (Victoria, Australia, that is).
"Mum, watch me paddle."
Yes Daisy. Don't go out to far.

"Mum ! Watch me run !"
Yes Mr Darcy. Just don't break the string... crazy dog.

"Mum. Watch me roll."
Oh yes, just lovely Daisy-Mae. Just what we need.

"Seriously, Mum. Look how good I am at it. Nobody can roll like me !"
Yes Daisy. It's quite amazing how you can get sand in every orifice.

"Mum. Watch me run ! This is the life."
"Mum. Watch me roll. There's nothing better."

Oh yes, yes indeed. Then just watch your Dad give you both a W.A.S.H.

 Si the DogBlogger.

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