Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mr Darcy and Dad's first trip to The Beach - Port Melbourne Beach

I found these pics in my wife's phone. 
This was our first family outing to The Beach with Mr Darcy.

"Hurry up, Sir Dad. It's very exciting."
Coming, coming. Just hold your horses.

"Wow, look at all that sand and water. Wow."

Alrighty then. We're all organised. Let's go.
Come on Daisy, let's try to keep up with that silly mutt.

OK, who's going in for a paddle ?
"Not me Dad. It looks very scary."

Scary ? Piffle ! Daisy, you show Mr Darcy how it's done.
"Yes of course Dad. Just leave it to the senior dog around here."

"See, Mr Darcy ? Easy peasy. It's very refreshing on the toes and the belly."

Clever girl, Daisy. Senior dog ?
"Yes of course, Dad. I am The Boss Dog now."
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