Friday, June 29, 2012

Wash number two for Mr Darcy at PETstock, Clifton Hill

It's a bit of a cold day here in Melbourne, but it's time for a wash regardless.
Daisy is matted with snot from wrestling with Mr Darcy, and Mr Darcy is stinky and snotty too.

We've strolled down to the local Petstock shop to use their nice big hydro-bath.
Poor Daisy is shivering with dread, and hiding under the low bench.

Come out Daisy, it's only a wash, and it'll be over soon enough.
"No way Dad. You're going to torture me."

Silly girl. Come out and show Mr Darcy how brave you are.
"Sigh, OK then Dad."

"Pssst, Daisy... is there anyway to escape this ?"
"Alas no, Mr Darcy."

"Sir Dad, I'll give you what's left of my bone... AND my Blue Teddy if we can call the whole thing off."
Sorry kiddo, but you smell.

"I'm not enjoying this, Dad. I shan't be your friend anymore."
"Sigh, just put up with it Darcy. He just likes to torture us once a month or so."

There, all clean now kiddies. Time for the blow dryer.
*grrrr notveryhappynow*
Did someone say something ? Anyway, that was a bit easier than that first wash, eh Mr Darcy ?

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