Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daisy had bad dreams.

Good morning Daisy. Did you sleep well? You certainly kept my feet warm.
"Good morning Dad."

"Dad, I had bad dreams last night. I dreamed I was being chased by giant stinky feet."
Did you ? Poor girl.

Maybe you should try Mr Darcy's blue teddy. Let's have a look.
Oh yes. Very cute.

"Well it's worth a shot Dad. But you could always wash your feet a bit more often if I'm going to sleep at the foot of the bed."

You think so ? I think the blue teddy is a much better option. So cute !

Si the DogBlogger.


georgia little pea said...

Good morning Daisy! It's very early for a weekend but I'm already up because someone is snoring away. I better not mention names.

Isn't it funny how your papa changed the subject like that? I would persist if I were you. There's nothing more awful than sleeping next to stinky feet (unless you've rolled in possum bits yourself, in which case it would make no difference). Anyways! It's the weekend. Maybe he'll have a bath today! ;)

Big hugs to you and Mr Darcy MWAH! X

Leo said...

Very little, pretty Daisy. Its looking so pleasant I hope she is playful too. You should be having nice time with your pet :-)

Leroy said...

Ohhh too cute!!!